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Wooden Horse Corporation is a family run operation located in Norwalk Ohio, USA. The Equicizer is the only one of its kind in the world! Because the Equicizer is built by hand, lead times vary depending on our order flow. If you would like to inquire with our current lead time, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Phone: 419-663-1472



How to Place Your Order

Step 1 - Securing Your Order

Orders can be confirmed and placed into our building queue by clicking on the link to the Equicizer model you would like to order below. A minimum of 30% down is required to be placed and secured into our building queue. If placing a deposit, your balance would be due prior to shipping.

If you would like to pay by check or other means, you can select this payment method during checkout or please contact us at 419-663-1472 or email: and we can personally work with you to get your order placed!

*Deposits and payments are only partially refundable (please see cancellation policy below)

I would like to order the Classic >Click Here<

I would like to order the fully custom Elite >Click Here<


Step 2 – Your Order Details: Getting It Right!

Once you have completed your deposit or purchase of your Equicizer model of choice, we are right here for any questions about options or would like to discuss your choices with us to help you make your final decisions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we’ll gladly help.  Also know you are welcome to contact us to make changes or communicate any additional requests you may have until we reach the final stages of completing your order. Phone: 419-663-1472 Email:

Step 3 – Sending Final Payment

Should you have a balance on your order, any remaining balance is due 10 days before the estimated shipping or pickup date, and we will send an email reminder with a final invoice when we are deep in the construction of your Equicizer. You may also make payments towards your Equicizer earlier in the timeline and we will create a running invoice showing your remaining balance.  Questions? Email us:

Additional thoughts and considerations when placing your order:

  • International orders, please feel free to contact us for shipping quotes before placing your order. We ship worldwide and offer a few levels of services for our international customers.
  • Thinking of buying any Equicizer accessories to go with your Equicizer? Most all our accessories can fit in the carton with the Equicizer and will add no additional cost to shipping. (except Riser Stand)
  • Wonder about the size and weight of the Equicizer? The Equicizer can fit through any normal doorway.  For more details on exact size and weight, visit our FAQ Page.
  • If you would like to learn more about how we ship and what additional shipping services may be available, please visit How We Ship. 
  • We welcome customer pickups from our workshop in Norwalk, Ohio.
  • Wonder what tools or skills you need to set up your Equicizer? None! See our Equicizer Set Up Instructions. Or watch this video Equicizer Set Up Video.


*Cancellation Policy: Once your order is confirmed and placed in our building queue, we are committed to you as our customer to build your Equicizer in line in which your order came in. Any inquiries and orders placed after your order will be positioned behind your order in our building queue. This increases our lead times for other customers, which could inhibit our sales. Because of this, should you pay in full or place a deposit and secure your place in our building queue, and then later choose to cancel, it is our policy that all but $500 USD will be refunded. However, should you decide to reinstate your Equicizer order within one year of your cancellation, the $500 retained can be re-applied to your Equicizer purchase.

We are always happy to answer any further questions that you may have. Please feel free to email us at or call 419-663-1472 with any questions you may have. We thank you for your interest in this Equicizer!


The Equicizer Team

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