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The Equicizer Elite - Beautifully hand-crafted with a personal touch:

  • One of a kind hand carved and painted head personally created by Frankie Lovato, Jr. with beautiful wood grain finish
  • Customers can make personal requests concerning markings and colors; send a photo of your favorite horse! To see a photo of the Equicizer Elite & Equicizer Classic side by side, click here: Equicizer Elite & Classic
  • Beautiful matching wood running boards covering the metal base
  • Available in a variety of colors and other personalized options
  • Personalized brass name plate
  • Covered in a high quality marine grade carpet that is easy to clean and resists stains as well as many of the harshest elements
  • Remarkably designed, mechanical spring suspension system
  • Requires no electricity and virtually maintenance free
  • Measures 76" long (approximately 6 and 1/2 feet) 21 1/2" wide and 35" from floor to withers (nine hands tall) without wheels
  • Weighs approximately 165 lbs
  • Supports up to 500 lb rider(s)
  • Includes choice of MedCaster or for a small up charge All-Terrain Caster (as shown in picture)
  • Includes choice of Racing, English, Western, or Therapeutic reins
  • 10 year extended warranty on neck bands and springs (restrictions apply: does not apply to programs, organizations, schools, racetracks or other training facilities where excessive use from multiple persons occurs, in this case parts are under warranty for 5 years)


    Equicizer Elite - $3,995 + shipping (if applicable)

    Available in Black, Brown, Buckskin, Gray, Sorrel or Palomino 

    Bridle and Reins of your choice - Please select one style: Western, English, Racing, or Multi Colored Therapeutic

    Continental USA Shipments: We offer a flat rate fee of $450 to ship anywhere in the Continental USA.

    International Shipments: We have several carriers we use that can offer ocean and air freight. In most cases, for our international customers, we can offer complete services including delivery to your door. Email us at info@equicizer.com for a quote to your specific international location.

    Each Equicizer Elite is custom made to order, feel free to contact us for estimated deliver and also to discuss all your personal options and requests! We also recommend to visit our How To Order My Equicizer information page!

    *The difference between the models - the Elite features hand detailed head carving personally done by Equicizer creator Frankie Lovato Jr. Along with a personalized brass name plate, and sturdy wooden running boards, it's available in a variety of colors. The Classic is the basic model, still hand-crafted, same size, durability and mechanics but more sporty and simple in appearance.

    Want to print out and compare the Equicizer Classic and Elite Models side by side? Here are PDF files 

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    Kate a.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I recommend this product
    • Application ExerciseBetter Health & FitnessPersonal Therapy & RehabilitationAdaptive Riding/HippotherapyHorse LoverEnthusiastFun Healthy ExerciseFamily
    • What Type of Riding Interest You? EnglishTherapeuticOther
    • Use the Equicizer for something else? Tell us about it! Riding bareback. Thinking about dramatic story telling on horseback for people with PMLD.
    Louis' dream come true

    Frankie's personal involvement in all communication about 'Megan' set a positive note for everything that followed. Wonderful product, great service. My adult son, Louis, rode bareback all his life, in the Highlands of Scotland and in Devon; he has a great seat, his ponies were so important to him. His Highland pony died three years ago. Louis has Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities and is currently in hospital. Life is GRIM, awful for him. That's not great for me either. Planning 'Megan' brought me such relief in a dark time. I enjoyed thinking something nice was happening for Louis. Frankie and I discussed colours, Louis' last pony, Megan was grey (white) so we agreed a long white mane and tail with a dark grey colour. I sent photos, so Frankie could sculpt and paint her face right. I asked Louis - 'what are you going to call your 'rocking horse'?' Straight away he said: 'Megan!' So Megan she is. She will help Louis deal with the trauma of losing the old Megan, and his time in hospital. The packing, shipping, to Scotland, was all brilliantly handled. Megan arrived November: she is made with wonderful craftsmanship. Then I had to wait until Christmas Day, first chance to come home (hospitals are locked down because of Covid), to introduce them to each other. Louis hopped on, used his seat, said '...aw .. oh ... a-er' ('Walk, trot, canter'), huge smiles, and got a lovely rhythm going. Can't wait to get him out of hospital to make lifelong bonding. And I can hop on too ... looking forward to sharing her. Thanks, Frankie!

    Equicizer Equicizer Elite Review
    Jacqueline N.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    • Application ExerciseBetter Health & FitnessTrainingRiding PracticeTechnique & FormHorse LoverEnthusiastFun Healthy ExerciseFamily
    • What Type of Riding Interest You? EnglishWestern
    • Use the Equicizer for something else? Tell us about it! N/A

    I can't say enough good things about my experience. From the beginning it was great. I was very interested in the Equicizer after reviewing the great videos on the website. I then called and reached the creator, Frankie Lovato Jr. He was a pleasure to talk with and answered all my questions. Needless to say, I was sold. The ordering process was very easy and it was fun to design how you wanted your Equicizer to look. Throughout the process they were a phone call or email away and got back to you very fast. As my Equicizer, Snickers, was being created, I was sent pictures. I loved that. When Snickers arrived to my home, I was so excited and even more impressed with how carefully Snickers was packed for shipping. I was delighted to see just how beautiful and awesome she was. I absolutely love Snickers and am amazed how she feels like you are riding a real horse. My son and his family were up for a visit. He team ropes and really liked Snickers. He said he could see how these horses could be very helpful for roping practice. The whole family loves her. Two of my friends that ride a lot took a ride on her this week and couldn't believe how real Snickers felt. They also loved how beautiful she is. I cannot thank Frankie enough for her and for creating the Equicizer.

    Erena R.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    • Application ExerciseBetter Health & FitnessTrainingRiding PracticeTechnique & FormHorse LoverEnthusiastFun Healthy ExerciseFamily
    • What Type of Riding Interest You? English
    • Use the Equicizer for something else? Tell us about it! Not Applicable

    Everything was awesome! From beginning of the order to the actual delivery, working with the Equicizer team was professional, timely and helpful. I love being able to work on my riding skills in my own home. Great idea Frankie and Equicizer team! Thank you for all you do!

    Brittany M.
    United States United States
    • Application ExerciseBetter Health & FitnessTrainingRiding PracticeTechnique & FormRiding Instructor/Teaching
    • What Type of Riding Interest You? EnglishWesternDressageTherapeutic
    • Use the Equicizer for something else? Tell us about it! Riding bareback.
    Pokey Joe-Elite Equicizer

    Free Rein welcomed a new member to the herd in April 2020, the Equicizer. The mechanical/wooden horse is used to help students gain confidence on horseback, to improve fitness and riding skills and to train volunteers during orientation. Pokey Joe is working hard helping students improve their riding skills. Instructors find that the Equicizer helps in a variety of ways, including teaching students to mounting and dismounting techniques, strengthening core muscles, overcoming fears and anxieties about being around or on a horse, helping to evaluate potential students and helping students get within Free Rein's weight limit to ride. The Equicizer has allowed us to broaden what our program can offer, due to the durability and weight limit capacities that Pokey Joe can accommodate. My experience with the Equicizer and Frankie Lovato has been wonderful! From the first call to delivery, Frankie was responsive, willing, knowledgeable, dependable, and resourceful. He kept us updated on his progress while the Equicizer was in production, sent pictures, and made sure we knew that he would be available during shipping and delivery. The Equicizer itself was exactly what we were expecting and is user friendly. The Equicizer has been at our center now for a little over a year and has been used by participant's, instructors, volunteers, and training demonstrations. We look forward to utilizing the Equicizer many years to come, helping our participant's reach their goals one session at a time!!

    K’s M.
    United States United States
    • Application ExerciseBetter Health & FitnessTrainingRiding PracticeTechnique & FormPersonal Therapy & RehabilitationClinical TherapiesHorse LoverEnthusiastFun Healthy ExerciseFamily
    • What Type of Riding Interest You? EnglishWesternDressageTherapeutic
    • Use the Equicizer for something else? Tell us about it! Meditation
    It’s here!!

    My Equicizer has arrived and I am beyond happy with it! The craftsmanship and attention to detail is exact and it’s just like my beloved horse and friend. Since I am within an hour of the company I was able to go over and try an Equicizer in person. I did not want to get off! I use mine daily and it helps me to get back in shape to ride my live horse. Time has caught up with me, so this will keep me in riding condition without undue stress on my joints. Did I mention that my pets love it too? You will not find the exceptional level of customer service and communication that you will with the Wooden Horse Company. This Equicizer was well worth the wait and I certainly recommend this product! I have found that the bareback pad gives you a better workout than a saddle. That said, I would recommend trying the bareback pad that Frankie has designed, first. Happy trails on your new Equicizer!

    Equicizer Equicizer Elite Review
    K’s M.
    United States United States
    • Application ExerciseBetter Health & FitnessTrainingRiding PracticeTechnique & FormPersonal Therapy & RehabilitationHorse LoverEnthusiastFun Healthy ExerciseFamily
    • What Type of Riding Interest You? EnglishWesternDressageTherapeutic
    • Use the Equicizer for something else? Tell us about it! Meditation
    It was worth the wait!!!

    Ordering my Equicizer has been a positive and fantastic experience from the first moment. I am fortunate to live close enough to the company that I could go over and try one in person. I was hooked and didn’t want to get off. The customer service is absolutely superior, the kind you don’t find anywhere else. I have written and showed for many years but since time has caught up with me, I now have my Equicizer for my own strength and rehabilitation. The bareback pad that Frankie has designed would be my first recommendation, as you start out. I feel that it gives a better work out and strengthens more areas than a saddle can. Don’t wait to order one of these! You will not be disappointed!

    Equicizer Equicizer Elite Review
    Joan P.
    Canada Canada
    • Application ExerciseBetter Health & FitnessTrainingRiding PracticeTechnique & FormHorse LoverEnthusiastFun Healthy ExerciseFamily
    • What Type of Riding Interest You? Western
    • Use the Equicizer for something else? Tell us about it! I use it stay in shape for trail riding and for overall general health.
    I LOVE my equicizer

    My experience purchasing and using my equicizer have been wonderful!! I totally love my equicizer and use it almost every day to stay in riding shape. From my first phone call to Frank Lovato's shop to enquire about, and build my equicizer, to my ride today on it, has been an absolute pleasure. Frank and his staff are so helpful and great to deal with while you decide on what your equicizer will look like. Mine is a blue roan named Cowboy, after one of my horses. He came complete with a headstall and a beautiful name plate with the horse's name on it. I highly recommend this piece of equipment to stay in shape. Exercising has never been this much fun!! Thank you Frank and staff for all of your kind attention to the purchase and shipment of my equicizer. Happy trails Joan Patterson Desboro, Ontario Canada

    Emily E.
    United States United States

    Frankie was a pleasure to work with from start to finish! We love our Equicizer and have been using it quite a bit! Thanks to our generous donor for this special horse.

    Cynthia C.
    Best Ride in the House!

    Frankie Lovato gives outstanding customer service addressing questions and concerns! Also he has awesome workmanship expertise and professionalism! We are so thrilled with our beloved inside equine, Junior!!

    Amy A.
    United States United States

    Mr. Lovato kept me updated every step of the way while my Equicizer was being made, including many pictures of his progress. I received my Equicizer exactly when Mr. Lovato said I would, and I have been using it every week for about three weeks now. I have hip pain from a horseback riding injury I suffered as a child, and riding my Equicizer has already helped relieve some of that pain as well as to strengthen my core. My Equicizer is the best piece of exercise equipment I've ever bought, and it's a work of art as well!

    Janice C.
    Prince Edward Island
    Whinny has a new boyfriend.

    We bought our first Equicizer, Whinny, for our Joyriders Therapeutic Riding Association in 2014. She was an amazing benefit to our riders, many with physical disabilities. Even a ten minute warm up on Whinny would show huge improvement in flexibility and strength in A riders core and legs. She was also great for new riders to start on, until they gained confidence. Frankie and his team have been super responsive over the past six years, so we were delighted to order a boyfriend for Whinny this year, and are now the proud owners of Winston too. Thanks to the Equicizer team for these beautiful horses, and finding a way to make exercising fun, and give excellent physiotherapy benefits at the same time.

    Elizabeth S.
    South Windsor CT
    Great Experience

    My experience with the Equicizer and Frankie Lovato has been excellent! From the first call to delivery, Frankie was accessible, responsive and enthusiastic. He kept me updated on his progress while my Equicizer was in production ( he even sent pictures!) and made sure I knew that he would be available during shipping and delivery. The Equicizer itself is a brilliant and user-friendly creation which I "ride" every day. I have had it for 2 weeks and can already notice increased strength in my core. This is a wonderful resource for all riders and all disciplines! I give the Equicizer and Frankie Lovato my highest recommendation.

    Tawny W.
    Morrison, Illinois
    We love our Equicizer!!!!

    Our Equicizer "Ace" is absolutely invaluable to our therapeutic riding program, we use him for our students who are unable or unwilling to ride a real horse, we also use him in our new student evaluations to introduce the feel of mounting, and dismounting, and movement off of the ground which can be intimidating on a real horse for the first time. We use him in lessons if it’s too hot to ride the horses. Everyone at White Oaks Therapeutic Equestrian Center, WHOA loves Ace!!!! Thank you for creating such a useful tool!! It makes such a difference in our students lives and gives us a fantastic alternative to our therapy horses when needed. I so appreciate the help and advice for keeping Ace safe and in tip top shape for our students!! Tawny Wiersema (Program Director) White Oaks Therapeutic Equestrian Center

    Barbara R.
    Australia Australia
    I love my Equicizer!

    I have owned my Equicizer “Melody” for about a year now. I absolutely love her. I can ride at whatever intensity suits me on a given day, whatever the weather and it is certainly much more enjoyable than working out on a treadmill. I have found that the muscle strength and overall fitness that I gain from the Equicizer is perfect preparation for riding real horses. The Equicizer team have provided wonderful support over the past year even though I am so far away. I would happily recommend the Equicizer to anyone, as an easy and fun way to keep fit. Very best regards, Barbara in Australia.

    Amanda T.
    United States United States
    BEST (Hip Replacement) THERAPY EVER!

    This is a gift, nothing less. The skill and workmanship is outstanding, and the service is top shelf! I love my Equicizer, and so do all my friends. After having my right hip replaced my physiotherapist recommended horseback riding as therapy to help open my hips and get exercise. I did, and for two years riding was amazing for me, however, as I have "senior bones" when I took a little fall my collarbone fractured. So no more real horse for me, but WOW - there's a solution! Equicizer! After two years of no riding and relapsing hip issues I discovered this wonderful new solution and it is fantastic! I'm finally getting back in shape. Plus, all my friends love it, too. I am so thankful to all the good peeps at The Wooden Horse Corporation/Equicizer -- you are a blessing and I can't thank you enough. Best Service Award goes to the whole Wooden Horse team. Seriously, everyone needing physical therapy should have one and it's no wonder it's showing up in hospitals, etc. All physical therapy businesses should have one on site. Remarkable. Bravo and Love Love! -- Amanda

    Kathy R.
    United States
    Rowdy, my Equicizer

    I bought an Equicizer to help me get rehabilitated and back into the saddle, following a serious a rear end car collision over 2 years ago. I have had numerous surgeries and last week I learned I am now being slated for a total replacement of my right hip. I was thrilled when my doctor told me he would like me to start riding Rowdy prior to surgery to help strengthen the muscles. So, I am spending a few minutes each day sitting on Rowdy. After being out of the saddle since 9/20/16 words can't express how great it feels to be back on a horse even if it isn't the real deal. I chose to honor one of my horses who I lost at the age of 31 right before Christmas of 2016. Frankie and Kayla were helpful and very supportive as I went through the process of ordering and customizing Rowdy. They kept me apprised of his construction and when he was ready to ship. If anyone is considering the purchase of an Equicizer, I can't recommend one of them enough. Rowdy has the feel of a real horse but he doesn't care if I sit on him for 30 seconds, 30 minutes, or 3 hours, although I am far from the 3 hour mark. Thank you, Frankie and Kayla. I am so happy with Rowdy.

    New York
    My Healing Horse

    My spine, joints, brain, heart, spirit, and soul wish to thank you and the Equicizer Team for my masterfully crafted healing horse! My spine actually felt great after going for a short ride. It didn’t hurt when I started out, so you can imagine my surprise when I realized how good I felt when I hopped off. I see a heart in Syzygy’s blaze, and I love the snip! Thank You!!! PS: You weren’t kidding on your video – really easy to unpack…. very impressive!

    Millfields S.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Welcome to our newest herd member - The Equicizer!

    I've resisted using our horses and ponies for riding as a commercial venture. I'm not keen on profiting from them financially, at possibly their expense physically and mentally. I see ponies dulled by the way they are handled, I see them grimace as they are girthed up so tight in order to give the rider confidence that just because the saddle isn't moving they will be secure. Yanked in the mouth, little regard as to bumping down in the saddle, no thought as to where the horses feet are when the rider makes a request on the head. The sad truth in the commercial world is that often a blind eye is turned in order to keep the business going, and possibly a more common problem is that you can't possibly supervise every moment and every action a person makes while with the horse. Now the Equicizer will develop a name over time, he/she/it will probably have multiple names.....but it is my hope that people will develop, feel, timing, balance and the fitness required to be more than just a passenger when they team up with the real thing.

    Cheryl C.
    Northern California
    The most amazing therapy tool ever!

    My Equicizer "Charlie Brown" circa 2009 has been my go to assistant for the all things equine for the past 9 years. He has helped me as well as several of my friends regain the strength and the confidence needed to ride live horses again following surgery, he has been featured at the Western States Horse Expo - Honest Horses Magazine booth several times and he has served as a riding lesson tool for my little grand daughters - the youngest (just 5) likes to ride him while watching the horse racing channel and imagining herself crossing the finish line first! Charlie is our "Velveteen Rabbit" - and in our house we treat him like he is a real live horse. For all he can do - he certainly feels real! Honestly, no gym membership can ever do as much as the Equicizer can do for a rider - and you have yours right at home all the time - so if your horse has to be laid up, or you can no longer ride live horses, if you have physical limitations or if you just want a sure fire way to keep in riding shape - do yourself a big favor and order your own Equicizer today - you can even choose your favorite body colors too - plus the web site has multiple videos of exercises you can do and you will be amazed at how your physical condition will improve - afterall, no athlete is as strong and fit as a jockey - they all train on Equicizers and now you can too. My Charlie Brown!

    Mounted Eagles, Inc.
    A Wonderful Addition

    Our Equicizers, Woody and Ace, are amazing. Every rider uses them EVERY time they come for lessons. We have seen so much progress in our riders in so many ways. They are more focused and relaxed when they get on their real horse. They are gaining strength, flexibility and much more. The Equicizers are wonderful. Our instructor has so much to say about them. She loves having them available to our riders. I stand behind both of our Equicizers 100%.