TV & Movies

TV & Movies

We are extremely proud to have had multiple opportunities for the Equicizer to be featured on TV shows and movies throughout the years (some very recently!) - many of them are listed here:

Ride Like A Girl

2020 Motion picture of the true story of Australian Jockey Michelle Payne

Knight Squad

Spring 2019

The Equicizer was used in an Season 2 episode of Nickelodeon's Knight Squad this spring! 

Big Brother - Again!

January 2018

In December 2018 we were approached by CBS Studios to build 6 Equicizers for an episode taping of Big Brother, Celebrity Edition (click here to find out who was in the Celebrity Cast!). We squeezed those Equicizers into our building queue and got them finished and sent out in early January. The episode aired on January 23rd at 8PM ET/PT on CBS (pictured above).



Steve Lantvit Horsemanship's "Sure in the Saddle"

December 2017


Steve Lantvit stopped by the Wooden Horse Corporation workshop and was given a full tour. He did a walk through with Frankie Lovato and they talked about how the Equicizer is made and different ways it can be used. All of this was featured in an episode of Lantvit's hit RFD-TV show, Sure in the Saddle, on December 21st at 3pm & 11pm EST. Watch the full episode below: 


The Ellen DeGeneres Show

October 2017

Two Equicizers appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, October 12th, 2017. World famous polo player Nacho Figueras gave Ellen a polo lesson as they played a game aboard the Equicizers to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness! Watch the full segment below:

Comic Con in NYC

October 2017

We were pretty thrilled when we received a call from Weta Digital - a visual digital effects company based in Wellington, New Zealand - that has a hand in the special effects seen in hit movies such as Planet of the Apes, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, The Hobbit and more.

One of our demo Equicizer models, Bob, was the star of the show in in Weta Digital's booth at Comic Con in New York City. Hooked up to their digital software, excited fans got a chance to climb aboard the Equicizer and ride to a scene of Weta Digital's most recent movie, "War for the Planet of the Apes." You can see a demo of the Equicizer in Weta Digital's booth at Comic Con below:


Harry Connick Jr.'s daytime TV show - "Harry"

May 2017

The Equicizer was the star of the show... the Harry show that is! On Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Harry Connick Jr. got lesson from former jockey Rose Napravnik on an Equicizer. The Kentucky Derby themed episode put our wooden horse in front of a national audience and we personally chauffeured the Equicizer out to the Big Apple for the occasion. Watch the full segment below:


The Son

April 2017

The Equicizer was featured in close-up shots on the drama series "The
Son" on AMC with Pierce Brosnan.


Big Brother

July 2014

In the spring of 2014 we built 5 Equicizers for an episode during the 16th season of the CBS hit show "Big Brother". During the competition, players had to complete sixty strides on the Equicizer before dismounting with 30 seconds to stack gold bars on top of a large inverted horseshoe. If the 30 seconds of allotted time ran out, they would be eliminated, but they could re-enter by agreeing to eat slop. Watch the full segment below:



Released: July 2003


We are incredibly proud that the Equicizer was used in all of the close up scenes of the major motion picture "Seabiscuit". Special effects created a life like Seabiscuit horse head to fit over top of the Equicizer's head and then the Equicizer was mounted on a movable track aboard a trailer which was pulled around during filming to give the illusion of horse's running during the close up scenes. There were six Equicizers used in total. Actor Tobey Maguire also trained on the Equicizer to prepare for his role as Jockey "Red" Pollard.