The 50 Plus Equestrian

Equicizer Musings from a 50+ Equestrian...

"Swinging up in the saddle on Winston Saturday was not only a safe test of whether I should ride, but also a gentle, then gradually more rigorous work out between my lessons." - Deborah Herbert

Are you wanting to be a better, fitter rider? Maybe you want to get back to riding after raising a family, suffering an injury or after some time disconnected from the world of horses? Perhaps you do not ride or are no longer able to ride and want to improve your core and mobility. You just might be considering investing into an Equicizer but aren't sure how it works or how it could benefit you and potentially your whole family. This page was created to offer insight to those seeking more information, straight from the mouth of an Equicizer owner! 

Meet Deborah Herbert, the 50 plus Equestrian!

Deborah is a Level 3 Western Dressage rider, Equine Artist and creator of the 50 Plus Equestrian. Deb, along with her Equicizer "Winston" and AQHA mare, Belle, share their inspiring journey on a weekly basis on her blog: The 50 plus Equestrian. You can also follow Deb on Facebook.

Below you can view some of the videos Deb has created demonstrating how she uses her Equicizer.

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