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Equicizer Classic - hand-crafted, durable, sporty:

  • Available in black and brown stock colors (other colors may be available upon request)
  • Smooth finished head (not carved with fine details such as eyes and mouth found on the Elite) To see a photo of the Equicizer Elite & Equicizer Classic side by side, click here: Equicizer Elite & Classic
  • Remarkably designed, mechanical spring suspension system
  • Requires no electricity and virtually maintenance free
  • Covered in a high quality marine grade carpet that is easy to clean and resists stains as well as many of the harshest elements
  • Measures 76" long (approximately 6 and 1/2 feet) 21 1/2" wide and 35" from floor to withers (nine hands tall) without wheels
  • Weighs approximately 165 lbs
  • Supports up to 500 lb rider(s)
  • Includes choice of Indoor MedCaster or for a small up charge our Outdoor All-Terrain Caster (as shown in picture)
  • Includes choice of reins of Racing, English, Western, or Therapeutic
  • Three year warranty on neck bands and springs (restrictions apply: does not apply to programs, organizations, schools, racetracks or other training facilities where excessive use from multiple persons occurs, in this case parts are under warranty for 18 months)

Equicizer Classic - $2,995 + shipping (if applicable)

Available in Black (as shown) or Brown - Please select color above.

Bridle and Reins of your choice, please select one style: Western, English, Racing, or Multi Colored Therapeutic

Freight Information -

Continental USA Shipments: We offer a flat rate fee of $450 to ship anywhere in the Continental USA.

International Shipments: We have several carriers we use that can offer ocean and air freight. In most cases, for our international customers, we can offer complete services including delivery to your door. Contact us at info@equicizer.com for a quote to your specific international location.

Each Equicizer is hand made and we may not stock, contact us for estimated delivery or please visit our How To Order My Equicizer Information Page.

*The difference between the models - the Elite features hand detailed head carving personally done by Equicizer creator Frankie Lovato Jr. Along with a personalized brass name plate, and sturdy wooden running boards, it's available in a variety of colors. The Classic is the basic model, still hand-crafted, same size, durability and mechanics but more sporty and simple in appearance.

Want to print out and compare the Equicizer Classic and Elite Models side by side? Here are PDF files 

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Judy P.
United States United States
Love it, love it, love it!

The Equicizer team are fabulous. They know their stuff & answered all my questions. They were caring, kind, & courteous. As far as quality--excellent. It is a very well built piece of exercise equipment. I am 69 years old & for many years suffered from adrenal exhaustion due exposure to toxic mold. I also had my own boarding & training farm for all types if horses near Atlantic City racetrack. So I rode & trained horses for 25 years. I know that aerobic exercise kills fungus, so I called Frankie & he explained to me the exercises that can be done on the Equicizer. I knew that it would get me back in shape & be fun too. I bought an exercise saddle & it came with racing reins & I was off riding again. I am getting fit again at last. I have no problem getting in the galloping position & moving like I did back in the day. My blood pressure & resting heart rate are down like I was young again. I have no problem "riding" for an hour & doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) on the equicizer. I am so grateful that God is giving me health again & for Frankie creating & making such a clever piece of exercise equipment. This is the best investment I have ever made for my health.

Stephanie K.
United States United States
Why did we wait so long?!

We love, love, love Tony our Equicizer Pony! Wonderful team of professionals, keeping us updated on the entire process. We incorporate hipptherapy into our patients' treatment plan. Our patient's love it. Some don't even want to ride on a real horse anymore! It is great for safely practicing mounts and dismounts. It's also been great to put parents on Tony and give them a brief lesson. Gives them a whole new perspective and appreciation for what their children do. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

A Equicizer Customer
Deborah J.
United States United States

I named my Equicizer Pax Animi - meaning Peace of Mind. It is the perfect name! My "Paxi" has already helped me trim down my mid section just a tiny bit, but more importantly, Paxi helps alleviate my anxiety attacks. Even late at night, when I cannot sleep, I can hop aboard Paxi and focus on my posture and seat and the motion of the horse, and I relax. I am happily sharing my Paxi with my family and friends. They love him just as much as I do!! Thank you

Dario V.

Every jockeys need to buy one! Phisical form it s very important for us, This is the best way to be Great !

Deborah A.
Georgia Georgia

I purchased my equicizer to help keep me in shape while I was rehabbing myself and my horse. It is one of the best purchases I have ever made! I use my western, English and dressage saddles on it. It replicates the horse's movement and allows me to focus on my form. I recently ordered Oculus virtual reality goggles to make the experience more real. It is really incredible. Thank you so much for making Perseverance for me!

Kathleen G.
United States United States

I saved to buy an Equicizer and am thrilled with the product. It is all that is a advertised. I was sore after even short 5 min session. The Equicizer is definitely going to improve my riding fitness.

Wilton, New York
Awesome craftsmanship, amazing company

Hi Frankie and Equicizer team, Kobe has arrived safe and sound and is now living in my living room. I want to thank you for opening up a new adventure in my life for exercising. I have missed riding for a long time and now I can ride whenever I want. At 70 years acquiring a live horse is economically unrealistic but having Kobe truly works for me. I also wanted to express to you how much I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making Kobe. I have to tell you that I am blown away by the ease of the set-up and how thorough your directions are. I worked for the government for awhile and you should be running the government. Seriously! There would be so many things that would operate smoothly with you at the helm. At any rate, just wanted to tell you thank you, thank you and thank you! Happy trails. ML Hansen

North Platte, NE
Sparky the Wonder Horse

"Sparky" has been great for staying in riding shape! Also been a great help for my better half in rehabing from West Nile. Gives me opportunity to ride in different saddles anytime I want. Brings back childhood memories of riding my "jumpy horse" watching Gunsmoke on TV!

Angi K.
Farmington, MN
Freedom for a special needs child

Frankie has created something that brings joy and freedom to our daughter who spends much of her day in a wheelchair. It not only benefits her, but the whole family as we all enjoy riding our horse. Worth every penny!!

Kathleen H.
United States United States
I Love my Equicizer!

Amazing for rehabbing an injured rider! Me! Amazing for increased core and leg strength! Amazing For Fun! Amazing for everyday exercise! I love my pony, I named him Magic!

Brenda S.
BC Canada
My Equicizer "Rusty" arrived here in British Columbia and I am so pleased.

It was great working with Frankie to get Rusty ordered and delivered all the way from Ohio to B.C. There was another customer from my area and Frankie made it possible for the two to arrive together which saved us both a lot of money on the transportation. Rusty is so well built and very comfortable to ride - everyone who has seen him has commented that the build is sturdy but so horse like. I have been able to ride most days for 30 minutes and can feel the difference in my mental and physical well being as I really missed riding a live horse. This is for me the next best thing. i am so glad I took the leap to actually purchase an Equicizer. Brenda Soeder 108 Mile Ranch B.C. Canada

Suzanne C.
Saint Johnsville NY
Love my House Horse!

Best thing I ever bought myself. Spending 30 min day 5x week has helped me begin to rebuild my strength and balance without annoying a real pony! Everyone who loves being on the back of a horse should have an Equicizer.

Karen T.
United States United States
Great company. Wonderful owner!

My equicizer is beautiful. It’s delightful to practice and keep fit on a horse of this quality in my own home. Frankie is not only a professional who took special care of my order, he is a kind gentleman who helped me through the entire process. Many thanks to Wooden Horse Corp. Sincerely, Karen

Susan S.
United States United States
glad I got him

Slim my equalizer is fun. I ride him every day. Sometimes Just sit on him and 'walk' while watching TV. Look forward to many years of companionship!

Edith M.
BC Canada

My Equicizer "Sunshine" arrived at the tail end of winter, set up was easy with one person to help. Its all about fitness, take it slowly, experiment, and fun. Had a play day with other horsey friends curious about my new addition to my "barn".

Angela H.
United States United States

If you like riding horses you don't even realize that you are getting a great workout.

Heather D.
South Carolina
Fantastic product!!! Best ever!!!

I have hemiplegia on my right side. I walk with a slight limp. I'm unable to use my right arm. After 12 years of mild to no progress on other therapies, I turned to the Equicizer. It is magical!!!!! After only two and a half MONTHS riding the Equicizer, my hand and fingers are coming back and I walk a more normal gait. I love the Equicizer!!!

Carol R.
United States United States
My Equicizer Wind Dancer

Working with the Equicizer team was easy and continued contact via Facebook group is great. My Wind Dancer is the perfect addition to my exercise routine during the times I am not on my horse Becky. Cantering was no longer in my riding routine because I couldn't relax enough to allow Becky to canter off. She throws her head/shoulders up as she steps off and I would yank on her reins in order to keep from being unseated backwards. Using Wind Dancer and watching videos of proper position to canter, I am beginning to canter again. As an equestrian, we have specific muscles that we use to ride and other forms of exercise don't always provide what we need. Riding the Equicizer uses the proper groups of muscles. Not to mention that it's just plain fun.

Beth G.
United States United States
Strides of Strength Therapuetic riding

We love our Lil Miss Springs!

Jan M.
United States United States
We've only just begun

I love the Equicizer team. You are all great! My "Bernie" is wonderful, although he is currently taking a hiatus as I recover from shoulder surgery. Prior to that, I got the most benefit out of him by practicing my MOUNTING. I am 67 and arthritic, and my biggest riding challenge is simple getting on. Bernie stands patiently and never moves as I improve my technique and fluidity. When my shoulder is healed, I will teach myself to mount/dismount from the right as well. This regular mounting practice is giving me the confidence I will need when it once again becomes time for me to step onto my live horse. I know there are many other benefits to be gained from working with Bernie, and I look forward to a journey that will help me become a better rider for the horses waiting in my barn.

Wooden Horse Corporation, Manufacturers & Producers, Norwalk, OH