Equicizer - Elastic Rein Attachment

Equicizer Elastic Rein Attachment - A Training Aid for Beginners to Advanced Riders $24.95 (per pair)

The Equicizer Elastic Rein Attachment offers riders the opportunity to practice all of their rein aids with realistic feel and contact between their hands and the bit while riding the Equicizer. The Elastic Rein Attachment easily attaches to your existing reins and the bit of the Equicizer.

The Equicizer Elastic Rein Attachment allows riders to practice rein pressure when applying rein aids such as direct and indirect rein, opening rein, half halts, halts/whoa, collection, upward and downward transitions, bending, flexing and backing up. These and other maneuvers and skills that you would apply when riding a real horse can be practiced on the Equicizer using the Elastic Rein Attachment for a more realistic experience.

This Equicizer Elastic Rein Attachment helps riders understand and practice their rein pressure along with their other seat and leg ques to create a better feel and connection with their horse.

Wooden Horse Corporation, Manufacturers & Producers, Norwalk, OH