How We Ship

We Ship Everywhere!

Based in Norwalk, Ohio in the United States, Wooden Horse Corporation offers complete packaging and shipping services to our US and International Equicizer customers, having reached over 30 countries across the world to date. We have a very unique packaging and shipping process that is all done by hand in our workshop. This page was created to offer more insight on our freight processes and any additional services we may be able to provide to get your Equicizer to you as quickly and easily as possible!

Shipping in the United States - We offer a $550 flat rate fee which includes our $150 packaging fee and shipment to your door anywhere in the Continental USA. We ship commercial freight as the Equicizer is too big to ship with USPS or UPS services.  Each Equicizer is shipped directly from our workshop in Norwalk, Ohio through one of the multiple freight carriers that we use. Typical transit time upon leaving our workshop is generally 3-7 business days. Once the Equicizer reaches your area, the freight company will call you to set up a delivery date and time that is convenient for you. The freight company will set the Equicizer carton outside your home as they are not allowed to enter your home for liability reasons, unless that specific service is requested in advance (see White Glove Shipping below). We recommend customers have a friend to help them unpack their Equicizer, which is very easy and requires virtually no tools, and then wheel the Equicizer into their house or barn from there.

White Glove Shipping (Inside delivery) - If you would like your Equicizer brought into your home, set up and all of the packaging taken away, our freight companies can provide that service. Send us an email at and we will look into what that additional cost may be for you.

International Shipments (Outside the United States) - No matter where you are located in the world, if you want an Equicizer we can ship it to you! We use major international freight carrier experts that offer us the best rates by both air and sea. Our international carriers have offices set up throughout the globe so once the Equicizer is landed at your air or sea port, we can usually offer extended services including broker/custom clearance and all landing fees (which may include duties, taxes, etc.) that apply in your country paid up front. In most instances, we can also offer delivery right to your door. Send us an email at with the services you would like and we can easily get a quote for you.

Pick-ups Welcome! - Customers are welcome to pick up their Equicizer from our workshop at no cost. With customer pick ups, our packaging service is not necessary in most cases, unless requested. The Equicizer can fit in most pickup trucks, vans and larger SUV's. Send us an email or give us a call so we can help you decide if the Equicizer will fit in your vehicle. Email:  Phone: 419-663-1472. If driving an open pickup truck, we recommend the bed be 6 foot or longer and bringing a blanket(s) to pad the Equicizer and/or tarp in case of rain. We can wrap the Equicizer in plastic for you in advance if requested.

Equicizer Shipping FAQ's

How much does the Equicizer weigh? - The Equicizer weighs approximately 210 pounds packaged and 165 pounds unpackaged.

What are the dimensions of the Equicizer? - The Equicizer measures 78.5" long X 22.5" wide X 35.5" tall when it arrives packaged in the shipping carton. Unpackaged, the Equicizer measures 76" long (approximately 6 and 1/2 feet) 21 1/2" wide and 35" from floor to withers (nine hands tall) without wheels.

Equicizer PackageHow is the Equicizer packaged? - Each Equicizer is carefully packed for optimum protection on its journey to you - whether it be by truck, air or sea. The Equicizer is wrapped in a plastic sheet, strapped to a wooden sled and packaged in a custom made heavy duty corrugated carton. Our packaging fee is $150 USD (this is included in our $550 shipping fee for those purchasing anywhere in the continental USA). 

Is the Equicizer difficult to unpack? - The idea behind the design of our carton is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to unpack once their Equicizer arrives. The entire carton can be dismantled by cutting the straps that tightly hold everything together. All you will need is a pair of scissors. In most cases with private homes, we recommend removing the packaging once the Equicizer arrives as it will be easier to lift and navigate the Equicizer into your home and room of choice.

What is the set up process? - Setting up your Equicizer only takes a few minutes, no tools are needed and it's very easy to do. The Equicizer comes completely assembled, with only a few things to attach once removing the Equicizer from the packaging. If you would like to see this process, you can watch our Equicizer Set Up Instructions Video.