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Q. How big is the Equicizer and what does it weigh?
A. The Equicizer measures 76" long (approximately 6 and 1/2 feet) 21 1/2" wide and 35" from floor to withers (nine hands tall) without wheels. It weighs approximately 165 pounds. When shipping with packaging, the Equicizer weighs 210 pounds. The Equicizer easily fits through standard doorways. Metric measurements 193cm long X 55cm wide X 89cm from floor to withers and weighs 75kg.


Q. How much weight can the Equicizer carry?  

A. The Equicizer ridden under normal circumstances can carry up to 400 pounds. This is great for riding tandemly with 2 adults such as in a therapeutic riding application. We do recommend for over sized riders, to be certain that they have good balance before riding the Equicizer, real horse or any piece of equipment.

Q. Does the Equicizer require assembly?
A. The Equicizer comes fully assembled, no tools are needed, only a pair of scissors to cut the strapping from your packaged Equicizer once it arrives if it's being shipped to you. There are two resistance straps that need to be placed into position on the neck bracket for the head and neck, and your caster wheels have to be fastened on with your hands. Total set-up time is less than 5 minutes. <


Q:What is the difference between the Classic and Elite Models?

A: The Elite Equicizer offer features that are more personalized to the customers request, hand detailed head carving, painting and finishing personally done by Equicizer creator Frankie Lovato Jr. Along with a personalized brass name plate, solid oak wooden running boards, available in a more variety of colors along with a 10 year warranty. The Classic is the basic model, available in black or brown, but still hand-crafted, same size, built with the same toughness and durability but more sporty and simple in appearance.

Q.How does the Equicizer work?
A. The Equicizer is built on a spring balanced suspension system that, when in motion, recreates the natural movement of the horse. It is non-motorized and is controlled entirely by the rider, instructor or by a therapist's assistance. Riders use their seat and core muscles to put the Equicizer into motion. Here are some videos that help demonstrate how the Equicizer can be used:


Q. Does the Equicizer come with a saddle?
A. The Equicizer does not come with a saddle, it only comes with a bridle and reins. Any standard size saddle or bareback riding pad will work. The Equicizer can also be ridden bareback. If you were going to saddle your Equicizer, you can do so just as you would your real horse. 


Q. When saddling the Equicizer, what size girth/surcingle does the Equicizer require?
A. Standard girths sizes in medium and large will fit on the Equicizer. For English style girths we recommend 50-52", for Dressage and Western style girths we recommend 32-36".

Q. How does one create the motion of the horse?
A. The motion is initiated entirely by the rider with the intensity of the movement dependent upon the rider's effort, strength and ability. It is created and maintained by the rider's seat, legs, and/or arms. The rider is able to emulate the gentle, rocking motion of a horse at the walk, but with increased intensity can build the stride to that of a galloping horse. If the Equicizer is being used for therapeutic purposes and the rider may be fully or partially immobile, the movement can also be created by a therapist or assistant. In many cases for riders who start immobile, they can actually develop the strength, coordination and ability to make the Equicizer move on their own and the feeling of satisfaction for them is beyond motivating and inspiring! 


Q. What is the Equicizer covered with and what colors are easiest to keep clean?
A. The Equicizer is covered with a very high quality, durable, stain resistant marine grade carpet. It can be easily cleaned (with soap and water), brushed and vacuumed and can last a lifetime with standard use. Most people think the color black would be the easiest to keep clean, but black is actually the hardest to keep clean as it shows dirt, lint and pet hair more than the other colors. Buckskin, Palomino and Gray show the least amount of dirt, lint and pet hair.
Send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to offer our thoughts on what might work best for you!


Where can the Equicizer be shipped to?
A. We ship the Equicizer all over the world. We offer a flat rate fee of $550 to pack and ship anywhere in the Continental USA. For International orders, we have several carriers we use that can offer ocean and air freight. In most cases, for our international customers, we can offer complete services including delivery to your door. Email us at info@equicizer.com for a quote to your specific international location.


Q. Do you offer a warranty?
A.  We offer a 3 year warranty on springs and resistant neck bands for the Classic for personal use or 18 months for schools, programs etc. where being used by multiple riders. We offer a 10 year warranty on springs and resistant neck bands for the Elite for personal use or 5 years for schools, programs etc where being used by multiple riders.
With reasonable care and use, the Equicizer will last generations and may never require servicing. We have many Equicizers that are 20 years old and the owners are still happily riding away without a hiccup!

Q. How soon will my Equicizer arrive after it is ordered?
A. As each horse is custom manufactured, lead times vary according to our order flow. Freight may take approximately 3-10 business days, depending on location. We can ship worldwide. For current lead time, send us an email: info@equicizer.com or give us a call at 419-663-1472.

Q. Can the Equicizer teach you how to ride a real horse?
A. The Equicizer provides the essentials of a real horse and one can certainly learn the fundamentals or basics of horseback riding. We do recommend that you work with a trainer or riding instructor and also reinforce riding skills once you have begun a lesson program. 
Do you have additional questions about the Equicizer? We would love to help you choose the Equicizer that is right for you. For more information and help, please email us at info@equicizer.com or give us a call at 419-663-1472. Wooden Horse Corporation is located at 819 W. Dublin Rd. Norwalk, OH 44857