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Equicizer Elastic Rein Attachment - A Training Aid for Beginners to Advanced Riders $24.95 (per pair)

The Equicizer Elastic Rein Attachment offers riders the opportunity to practice all of their rein aids with realistic feel and contact between their hands and the bit while riding the Equicizer. The Elastic Rein Attachment easily attaches to your existing reins and the bit of the Equicizer.

The Equicizer Elastic Rein Attachment allows riders to practice rein pressure when applying rein aids such as direct and indirect rein, opening rein, half halts, halts/whoa, collection, upward and downward transitions, bending, flexing and backing up. These and other maneuvers and skills that you would apply when riding a real horse can be practiced on the Equicizer using the Elastic Rein Attachment for a more realistic experience.

This Equicizer Elastic Rein Attachment helps riders understand and practice their rein pressure along with their other seat and leg ques to create a better feel and connection with their horse.

Note* The Elastic Rein Attachment is sensitive from 1 pound of rein pressure to a hardy 15 pounds of rein pressure. It can be used for many disciplines of riding to encourage softness and feel. To the contrary, it can also aid a rider in the strength and demands of riding race horses. It is also useful for applications that may not pertain to riding. These include therapeutic and rehabilitation exercises for strengthening gripping hands and arms that will also engage a rider's core muscles while sitting on the Equicizer. This product is constructed with high quality materials that are made to last.

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Deborah A.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Elastic reins

I am so glad I decided to purchase the elastic reins! It takes the experience to a whole different level. You must purchase the riser too!

A Equicizer Customer
Lindsey V.
United States United States
Excellent Quality

I am so impressed by the quality not only of the Equicizer itself but also how meticulously packaged he was during shipping. We love him already. Thank you for your wonderful work!

Veronica R.
United States
Using the Equicizer for Therapeutic purposes

We are a therapeutic riding facility member of PATHintl. We purchased one of these wooden horses having an idea how it could help. We have discovered it to be very valuable. We use this horse to teach proper mounting and dismounting without having to stress a live horse. We have found that for timid or frightened clients it is a great precursor to the actual first ride on a real horse. finally the rocking motion is great for building up riders core strength before their first ride. This horse is great for clients with all types of disabilities. I would recommend it for Therapeutic riding centers... use your imagination, we did and love the results!

Elizabeth M.

I've had our new Equicizer Jim for a few days now and had a chance to try him with and without these rein attachments. Boy, the attachments make a big difference! They make it so much easier to maintain a soft contact. Thank you so much for creating these!

Deb H.
Elaztic Rein Attachment...Amazing!

Winston arrived this week, and I love my handsome buckskin! I am especially glad I ordered the elastic rein attachments! When riding using my core, correct arm and shoulder position, I am actually able to practice and achieve a correct half halt in transitions up and down through (and in) the gaits! Amazing! These rein attachments are a must have for helping achieve the correct following, giving feel, as well the feel of slight moment of collection before a transition. Brilliant!

Wooden Horse Corporation, Manufacturers & Producers, Norwalk, OH