The reason we have the Equicizer today is because of the Racing Industry. When Equicizer creator, Frank Lovato Jr., broke his leg in a racing accident in 1981, he needed to find a way to rehabilitate to regain his strength, flexibility and fitness without putting himself in danger on a live animal. Lovato Jr. built the first wooden practice horse and it was so widely coveted by his fellow jockeys that it inspired him to further develop the wooden horse into the Equicizer we have today!

The Equicizer provides the opportunity for all riders, apprentice jockeys and even established jockeys to practice continuously to develop and maintain their skills. A rider can master many of the skills needed on the Equicizer in a safe controlled environment rather than aboard a thoroughbred at 40 mph. The Equicizer is also an amazing tool to develop good form and riding style.  


 The Equicizer is a great training tool to develop or maintain fitness. To be at peak race riding fitness, a jockey must ride several races every day. One day off can cause a jockey to begin to lose their high level of fitness. The Equicizer helps a jockey maintain a fitness level regardless of days off, between meets, or when there aren't enough riding opportunities. The Equicizer is also a great tool for stretching and warmups prior to riding.


 The Equicizer is a safe way for a rider to recover from an injury. A jockey can be advised by their doctor to begin exercises that will get them on the road to recovery. As riders heal, exercise can be increased pushing them closer to getting back in the saddle. A rider can use the Equicizer long before a doctor could ever give clearance to step on a real horse. This gives a huge advantage physically and mentally before riding again.