Here are some videos that may help you learn how the Equicizer can help you!

Watch Hall of Fame Cowboy Craig Cameron demonstrate "How to Ride The Canter" using the Equicizer.

Watch horseman Steve Lantvit demonstrate how to "Practice the Whoa" on the Equicizer.

Watch USDF Bronze, Silver & Gold Medalist, Ruth Hogan Poulsen give "Riding Lessons" with 'Rocky' her Equicizer.

Watch PATH International Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor Sandy Lovato demonstrate many "Ideas How The Equicizer is Used in Therapeutic Riding Programs" in our Stampede of Dreams Therapeutic Riding Program!

Watch a "Polo Practice" demonstration using the Equicizer.

Watch Rita Roberson using her Equicizer for "Home Therapy".

Watch Cowboy Jesse Howell do a "Roping" demonstration using the Equicizer.

Watch Dr. James Warson, MD FACS discusses the "Prevention & Treatment of Osteoporosis" through equestrian exercises using the Equicizer.

Watch this "Balance & Race-Riding" demonstration by Award-winning Jockey & Equicizer creator, Frankie Lovato, Jr.

You may also want to visit our entire collection on YouTube. Click here: YouTube Equicizer Channel

Featured Equicizer Expert of the Month, Horseman Steve Lantvit

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Did you Know?

That the Equicizer was initially created in 1982 by an award-winning jockey Frankie Lovato Jr, as a tool to rehabilitate from a racing accident. Soon after, the Equicizer became a...