Equicizer - All Terrain Casters

Equicizer 6" X 3" All Terrain Caster Wheels (Available in Singles or Set of Four) - $34.95 each / $129.95 per set

Equicizer 6"H X 3"W outdoor all terrain, extra wide casters with brake. These heavy-duty casters with a pneumatic-like cushioning offer a vastly wider load dispersion over soft terrain such as gravel, grass, and many types of sandy conditions. When using your Equicizer in a barn, arena or at outdoor events, these casters are a great option to easily and quickly get your Equicizer where you need it to be.

Note: for indoor use, we recommend our high quality 4" MedCasters with full swivel lock brake system.

Wooden Horse Corporation, Manufacturers & Producers, Norwalk, OH