All athletes have a means to train and practice their skills, so why not Equestrians? If you are a cyclist, you can have a stationary bike in your home. Baseball players have batting cages, boxers have punching bags and golfers have driving ranges. So if you're a horseback rider, wouldn't you want something that simulates riding? Something you can improve overall fitness and practice skills on? After all, horseback riders are athletes too!
Treadmills, exercise bikes, and other exercise machines offer great exercise in general. But they do not necessarily work your core or the important muscles you specifically need to ride a horse. So what’s the answer for horseback riders who want to improve their fitness but also build those key muscle groups that are so important for riders? The Equicizer™ is a mechanical horse that horseback riders can use to exercise, improve fitness, rehab from an injury, and train on in preparation for “riding real horses.”
The really neat thing about the Equicizer is that there is no motor or no electricity needed, there is nothing that needs to be charged or plugged in for power - the rider is the motor!
So how does this work? When you’re seated on the Equicizer™, you push and tilt your hips forward in a rhythmic manner. This action puts the Equicizer into motion. Gently riding in this manner creates the sensation of a horse walking. If you were to watch a rider’s seat on a real horse while the horse was walking, you’d see the same forward rhythmic movement in the rider’s hips. The only difference is that a real horse is doing the work for you. You can also do exercises standing in the stirrups in the two point position, the way in which jockeys ride and create a rhythm and motion by pushing on the neck.
The best part is that you don’t have to ride the Equicizer™ fast to gain good healthy exercise. Being able to ride it slowly and gently enables people of all ages and level of abilities to ride and exercise. What makes the Equicizer extra special is that people with injuries or disabilities that may not be able to use traditional exercise equipment can ride the Equicizer™! Even if a rider needs a spotter or helper to easily generate the Equicizer's motion, a passive rider will still get a safe, soothing, gentle all around effective exercise.
The Equicizer enables users to perform core, abdomen, back, and leg exercise that address those specific muscles you so desperately need to ride a horse. Now you can improve your position, suppleness, flexibility, core strength and fitness, while doing ‘perfect practice’ in the comfort of your home, business or barn.
The Equicizer has been featured on national TV shows and in popular films; the Equcizier™ provides a way for equestrians to exercises like nothing else can. Thousands of Equciziers™ are used by equine athletes around the world to those with severe disabilities, novices, and those whom may have never ridden a horse in their lives!
Where you may see an Equicizer?
Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Western Pleasure, Endurance, Vaulting, Polo, Racing, Riding Instructors, Film Making Special Effects, Museums, Private Homes, Weight Loss, Rehabilitation Centers, Therapeutic Riding Programs, Hippotherapy programs, Message Therapy, General Exercise, Horse Lover's, Novelty, and Fun!

Written by The Equicizer — November 26, 2012

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